AF Cargo 777F et KL Cargo 747


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Embodied by Air France-KLM Martinair Cargo, air cargo is the second activity of the Air France-KLM Group and is a necessary activity for the economics of long-haul flights. 


Thanks to the combined fleet of the three airlines and the strategic positioning of our two international hubs (Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam Schiphol), which are just 398 kilometres apart, we are able to transport a wide variety of products to an extensive range of destinations: 

  • 306 destinations in our cargo network (FF, WBB, NBB, and RFS, without interconnection) in 111 countries
  • 158 long-haul destinations (FF, WBB) in 92 countries 
Cargo KLM

The flexibility offered by the large capacity of our passenger aircraft holds (80% of cargo is now transported this way), coupled with the capacity of the balanced and adaptable upper deck of our cargo planes, allow us to offer a wide range of services and solutions while guaranteeing seamless connections to destinations across the globe. 

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, the Air France-KLM Group deployed cargo aircraft to meet the growing demand for transport of essential medical supplies.  

In 2021, Air France-KLM transported approximately 100 million coronavirus vaccines worldwide.