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73,000 dedicated and professional employees, rooted in a culture of diversity.  


Passenger transport  

Air France-KLM: an extended network served by an optimised fleet 


The Air France-KLM Group operates one of the most extensive flight networks between Europe and the rest of the world. The network is structured around the Group's two intercontinental hubs in Paris and Amsterdam, which are two of the four largest correspondence hubs in Europe. 

Transavia – the Group's low-cost subsidiary 

Transavia France and Transavia Netherlands (collectively “Transavia”), the Air France – KLM Group’s low-cost business, operate point-to-point flights to/from the Netherlands and France.

In 2022, Transavia France celebrated its 15th anniversary. It is now the leading low-cost carrier on departure from Orly and the number two on departure from Paris (CDG, Orly and Beauvais).

Transavia Netherlands is the leading low-cost carrier in the Netherlands, operating from its bases in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven.

Air France Cargo Nouvelle livrée


Air freight – the Group's second activity – is a necessary activity for the economics of long-haul flights. 

Air France-KLM Cargo has decided to overhaul its operating model in order to strengthen its position in this highly competitive market. The Group is now focusing more on the capacities offered by passenger aircraft holds, taking advantage of its extensive global network. 

Today, 79% of cargo is carried in passenger aircraft bellies. These capacities are complemented by a fleet of all-cargo aircraft, which support the Group's renowned expertise in the transportation of atypical goods and make it possible for the Group to deliver cargo to additional destinations. The Group is also aiming to increase revenue in this area by developing high added-value cargo transportation options, such as express freight and parcel transport, which are increasingly in demand in the e-commerce, pharmaceutical, and aerospace sectors. 

One of the major development levers when it comes to cargo is the unified management of capacities and revenues, which is shared between the Group's cargo operators, Air France, KLM, and Martinair. By using shared booking tools, the commercial teams can optimise the distribution of goods in the holds of all the Group's aircraft. 



Aeronautical maintenance is the Air France-KLM Group's third line of business, bringing in €1.4 billion.

These revenues generated with external clients represent 38.7% of the total revenues in this business. In 2022, despite lingering uncertainties over the Covid-19 crisis (especially in Asia), a turbulent geopolitical climate with the war in Ukraine, and the destabilization of global logistics chains, the AFI KLM E&M order book remained at a high level with a total value of US$9.2 billion.

AFI-KLM E&M's main mission is to guarantee the airworthiness of the Group's fleet and to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations. To do this, AFI-KLM E&M ensures the control of technical data, implements maintenance policies, and makes sure that the skilled workers and technical equipment required are always available. 

In the aircraft maintenance market (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul – MRO), AFI-KLM E&M is the second largest multi-product provider in the world. Their ultimate goal is to provide competitive support for the Group's fleet, while consolidating their position as leader in the MRO market. 

Air France-KLM can rely on two well-known loyalty programmes to generate fidelity among its leisure and professional customers. 

Flying Blue – the joint Air France, KLM, and Transavia loyalty programme – allows members to accumulate and spend miles within an ecosystem made up of the Group's airlines, its partner airlines, and non-air partners (hotel chains, car rental companies, etc.). 
As part of the Group's sustainable development strategy, members can also choose to donate some of their miles to charities that have been selected by Air France and KLM. The programme, which includes four levels of membership, each with its own unique benefits, also gives members the opportunity to enjoy many everyday benefits outside of air travel. 

The bluebiz programme supports our business travellers by allowing them to accumulate blue credits that can be converted into free plane tickets. 

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