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Aircraft maintenance is the Air France-KLM Group's third activity, bringing in an external revenue of €1.0 billion a year. These revenues from external customers represent 36.4% of the total turnover for this activity. 


Air France Industries-KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI-KLM E&M) provides maintenance, repair, and overhaul services (MRO) and is the second largest multi-product provider in the world. In a constantly evolving MRO market, its strength lies in offering products and services that are perfectly adapted to the maintenance needs of new-generation fleets, as well as solutions that have been specifically designed to address the end-of-life problems of certain aircraft. 


With a workforce of over 12,800, AFI-KLM E&M provides comprehensive technical support and services to airlines ranging from line engineering and maintenance, to engine and APU maintenance, as well as structural and cabin modifications, spare parts procurement management for aircraft components, aerostructures and FTR support, in-flight services, and technical training. 

Thanks to its extensive expertise, AFI-KLM E&M is able to offer a wide range of component support services for Boeing (777, 737 NG & MAX, 787) and Airbus (A220, A330/A340, A320ceo & A320neo, A350, A380) aircraft, fast-growing regional fleets (Embraer and CRJ), and military aircraft. It can also service a variety of different engine types: GE90, GEnx, CF6-80C2, CF6-80E1, CFM56-5 & CMF56-7, and LEAP. 

As proximity is essential for this activity, AFI-KLM E&M is working on developing local units made up of subsidiaries and partners throughout the world. Its MRO network guarantees customers local access to the full range of Group services, as well as certain complementary solutions, including ground handling services and local parts stocks, regardless of where their activity is located. 

Today, 3,000 aircraft operated by more than 200 major international and national airlines benefit from the expertise of AFI-KLM E&M. 

In 2022, despite lingering uncertainties over the Covid-19 crisis (especially in Asia), a turbulent geopolitical climate with the war in Ukraine, and the destabilization of global logistics chains, the AFI KLM E&M order book.