Research and innovation

Progress on climate change, noise and quality air

Air France and KLM are members of bodies (ACARE, CORAC…) with airlines and European actors in aviation research to develop the aircraft of 2050, and move from basic research to the development of a prototype.
Among the areas of work: innovation in biofuels, aircraft design, passenger perceptions at airports and European certification processes for aircraft components and systems.

Air France and climate research: IAGOS

Air France has participated in the European project IAGOS (In-service Aircraft for a Global Observing System) by carrying atmospheric measuring equipment on board an Airbus A340.
The data collected is made available to international meteorological centers and scientists worldwide, which is particularly useful for studying the carbon cycle and verifying CO2 emissions. 

Electric taxiing

Air France works on developing Honeywell and Safran’s EGTS system (Electric Green Taxiing System) on Airbus 320, which aims to significantly reduce the use of engines and vehicles for aircraft ground movement. A new Green Taxiing project has started for long-haul aircraft.