Air France-KLM, a leader in the area of sustainable development

As with all its activities, Air France-KLM refuses to compromise on the importance of pursuing its sustainable development commitments. In 2016, the Group was ranked industry leader in the airlines sector in the DJSI international index for the twelfth consecutive year.  Air France-KLM is recognized as one of the 58 most responsible companies in the world in their industry. The group invests in new-generation aircraft integrating a host of sustainable solutions, such as the Boeing 787, a more fuel-efficient and cleaner aircraft.

A front-runner in the aviation industry

Air France-KLM innovates on a daily basis to reduce its environmental mpact, offer responsible products and services, reinforce the motivation and professionalism of its staff and contribute to local development. The Group notably focuses on making the principles of the circular economy an integral part of its operations and developing alternative sustainable biofuels for air transport.

Air France and KLM’s corporate social responsibility programme

Air France and KLM devote considerable energy and resources to developing projects promoting solidarity in countries where the Group operates. To this end, Air France relies on its corporate Foundation, among others, and KLM supports numerous projects, including “Wings of Support”, a programme for donating miles to a charity organization.

Air France-KLM’s sustainable development policy and initiatives can be accessed in a simple click, in the corporate social responsibility report or in this video.