New decision of the European Commission against air cargo carriers regarding practices considered to be anti-competitive between December 1999 and February 2006

On March 17, 2017, the  European Commission  issued a new decision against 11 air cargo carriers, including Air France, KLM and Martinair, regarding practices in the air cargo sector which are considered to be anti-competitive and relate to the period between December 1999 and February 2006.

This new decision follows the 16 December 2015 annulment by the General Court of the European Union of the European Commission’s initial decision of 9 November 2010, relating to these same practices and concerning the same carriers. This initial decision had been annulled in full because it contained a contradiction regarding the exact scope of the practices sanctioned.

The total amount of fines imposed on the Air France-KLM Group is 325 million euros. This amount has been slightly reduced as compared to the initial decision owing to a lower fine for Martinair due to technical reasons.

Air France-KLM will analyse the new decision, and the advisability of appealing it before the General Court of the European Union.

These fines have been fully covered in the financial accounts since 2010. At 31 December 2016, the corresponding provisions amounted to 340 million euros.

In any event, Air France-KLM confirms its commitment to comply strictly with the competition rules, while constantly ensuring the effectiveness of the prevention system implemented within Group divisions within the framework of its general compliance policy.