Transavia unveils its new brand identity

The company, Air France-KLM Group's low-cost airline, presents its new logo, a new look and reasserts its growth objectives – to become THE preferred low-cost airline in France and the leading airline from Orly to Europe by increasing the European destinations served.

Strong ambitions for the company in 2015

For Antoine Pussiau, CEO of Transavia France: "We have managed to climb to 2nd position in terms of offering international flights on departure from Orly. We are currently targeting first place".
As from this summer, Transavia will the leading airline from Orly to Europe. It will offer a total of 72 routes including 9 new services – 8 on departure from Orly (Casablanca, Fez, Dublin, Munich, Warsaw, Thessalonica, Tirana, Valence), and 1 on departure from Nantes (Madrid). The company is extending its entire network, notably to Spain, Italy, Morocco and Portugal.
In 2014, Transavia experienced growth of 20% and is targeting 30% in 2015. The company carried 3.2 million passengers in 2014 and aims to transport more than 4 million in 2015, thanks notably to the arrival of seven additional aircraft in the fleet between now and early July. The fleet will subsequently comprise 21 Boeing 737s.

A strong positioning – it's a pleasure! 

‘'It's a pleasure'' constitutes the genetic makeup of the Company represented by the Transavia community – pilots, cabin crews and ground staff all share this special mind set recognized by customers. It is the base upon which the company aims to build its future.

Hervé Kozar, Chief Commercial Officer at Transavia France, defines it as follows: "Our new brand positioning is simple and can be summarized in just one phrase: it's a pleasure! From the inspiration of destinations to the in-flight experience, Transavia is expressing its difference at every stage of the customer's trip. This may seem very simple but requires permanent efforts, from taking customer's requests into consideration to their smile, for example." 

A new visual identity 

The changes to Transavia are naturally conveyed by a new visual identity. The company has revised its colour scheme, redesigned its uniforms, upgraded its digital platform and integrated graphic icons by adopting an international, flexible and accessible style.

-    The new, simpler logo remains in the distinctive green. The "T" of Transavia is symbolized by two small arrows conveying the idea that the company is connected to its customers, while putting them in contact with their destination
-    The aircraft have been given a makeover with the application of the new logo and different icons on the fuselage.
-    The new uniform was created by more than 800 designers who are actually Transavia flight attendants. Using what Transavia calls 'crew-sourcing', the airline wanted to involve the French and Dutch staff, by introducing a collaborative platform where everyone could contribute to the creation of the new uniform. A first in the world of aviation! An outfit which was exclusively previewed on January 26 and which customers will be able to discover on board as of summer 2015.
-    The colours: Green remains the main, distinctive colour. It is now more pronounced, fresher, more fashionable and more natural. Blue remains the secondary colour. A new colour for 2015, ruby, will be particularly present on digital media. This range of colours creates a recognizable brand for customers.
For Hervé Kozar, "Our customers tell us that Transavia is a unique experience thanks in particular to our crews. This is why it seemed obvious to let them create the uniform". 

It’s a pleasure: above all, a digital experience!

The new Transavia website will be launched in February 2015. It was designed especially for mobile use: quick, easy and efficient. The customer experience is simplified with the fewest possible steps between the choice of destination and ticket purchase. The aim is to minimize the time spent by customers on the website.
Finally in April 2015, customers who are members of the Air France - KLM Flying Blue loyalty program will be able to earn miles on their Transavia flights.