Air France-KLM unveils BigBlank, a Start-up studio to create the future of travel

The Air France-KLM group presents BigBlank, a Start-up studio whose mission is to explore all the latest trends in the travel sector and to create companies with innovative projects and high growth potential.

In an environment as competitive as the travel industry, Air France-KLM must anticipate the needs of its customers and be a pioneer in all new market segments.

BigBlank's roadmap is to launch ambitious projects based on future travel trends that will provide a new vision of the travel industry. These projects will be carried out by entrepreneurs, drawing on the expertise of the Air France-KLM group and its airlines.

By creating BigBlank, Air France-KLM is setting up an autonomous and agile entity that will be fed by permanent contacts with the start-up ecosystem.

BigBlank is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Air France-KLM group, led by Hubert Riondel, CEO of BigBlank and Air France Boeing 777 pilot.


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