Air France-KLM, a responsible leader

30 May to 5 June 2018 is European Sustainable Development Week. Its aim is to promote sustainable development and all its challenges. This is an opportunity for Air France-KLM to reiterate its commitment to creating the future of air travel: attentive, innovative and responsible.

A change of perspective

Air France-KLM places sustainable development at the heart of its operations and is concentrating on four main aims to create a more sustainable model:

• reducing its environmental footprint;
• integrating sustainable development into its products and services;
• promoting a responsible social policy;
• contributing to the development of the countries where the group operates.

From ambition to action

In terms of sustainable development and in particular sustainable mobility, here is an illustration of the efforts produced by the Air France-KLM group including those of Air France:

• 11% less CO2 emissions since 2011 (g. CO2 per passenger per km)
• 21% less energy consumed since 2011 (MWh)
• 8% less waste since 2011 (tonnes)
• 5% less water consumed since 2011 (m3)
• 35% reduction in the noise footprint compared to 2000
• 12.8 million reconditioned, reused and recycled headsets at Air France
• 126,500 trees planted in Panama thanks to the CO2ZERO KLM programme
• 350,000 hectares protected thanks to the reforestation program in Madagascar supported by Air France

Meeting the climate change challenges

The Air France-KLM group has drawn up a Climate Plan to reduce its impact on climate change. This plan consists of 6 priorities, including the promotion of alternative sustainable fuels for the aviation industry. Air France-KLM aims to reduce its CO2 emissions (per passenger per kilometre) by 20% by 2020.

To find out more about sustainable development within the Air France-KLM group, consult the group’s Sustainable Development Report.