Air France-KLM, a responsible leader

The European Sustainable Development Week, which is taking place this year from 30 May to 5 June 2016, is an opportunity for Air France-KLM to remind everyone of its commitments, its objectives and its mobilization to build the future of air travel: caring, innovative and responsible.

This commitment is bearing fruit:

  • Fuel consumption: 3.42 litres per passenger per 100 km, or - 7.2% compared to 2011 (Air France-KLM’s objective: - 20% of CO2 emissions between 2011 and 2020)
  • Noise emissions: - 32% compared to 2000
  • Responsible purchasing: 73% of Air France-KLM suppliers have signed the Group’s sustainable development charter
  • Protected sector: 20 million euros of purchases made by Air France in 2015 from this sector
  • Alternative sustainable fuels: 54 flights powered by biofuels in 2015 as part of Air France’s Lab'line for the Future

Air France-KLM’s strategy for sustainable development and all its initiatives are detailed in the 2015 sustainable development report, available in an interactive version on the website..