AFI KLM E&M unveils its new advertising campaign

The MRO Europe aircraft maintenance exhibition, which was held this year in Amsterdam from October 16 to 18, 2018, was an opportunity for AFI KLM E&M to unveil its new advertising campaign at its stand.

100% Innovation, 100% Global network, 100% Airline MRO, 100% Adaptiveness

The campaign can be seen on all types of media (posters, specialized press, digital) and is based on AFKI KLM E&M’s four main pillars: its capacity for innovation, its global network, its membership of a major airline group and its Adaptiveness signature.

By using the faces of AFI KLM E&M technicians, the new advertising campaign highlights their commitment to customer service, to promote the Best4You promise.

Over the coming months, the campaign will gradually be rolled out on all AFI KLM E&M's key markets and will be enhanced with new visuals.