Shareholders’ Meeting

Combined Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting of May 28, 2019 at l'Espace Grande Arche - La Défense (France).

Documents relating to the Shareholders’ Meeting 

1. Notice of Meeting published in the legal newspaper (BALO) on April 3, 2019 (French Version Only)
2. 2018 Registration document
3.Convening notice 
4. Convening notice published in the legal newspaper (BALO) on May 6, 2019 (French Version Only)
5.Report from the Board of directors to the Annual Shareholders' Meeting (proposed resolutions and explanatory statement)
6. Proposed amendment of the Air France – KLM SA’ Articles of Incorporation submitted to the approval of the Shareholders’ Meeting of May 28, 2019 (36th resolution)
Amendments that would result in case of adoption of this resolution are indicated in revision marks to the current version of the Articles of Incorporation.
Information about the board directors whose appointment is proposed to the Annual Shareholders' Meeting
8.Declaration of number of voting rights on April 3, 2019
9.2018 Financial statements
10.2018 Consolidated financial statements
11. Voting Forum
12.Supplementary report of the Board of Directors (OCEANE) 

Say on Pay

1.Executive & Non-executive officers’ compensation in respect of the 2018 financial year
2.2019 Compensation Policy 
3.Complementary Information on the remuneration of the Air France – KLM’ CEO

Statutory Auditors' reports

1.Statutory auditors' report on the 2018 financial statements
2.Statutory auditors' report on the 2018 consolidated financial statements
3.Statutory auditors' report on regulated  agreements and commitments
4.Statutory Auditors’ Report on the Issuance of Shares and Other Marketable Securities with or without Preferential Subscription Rights
5.Statutory Auditors’ Report on the authorization for the free existing shares allocation
6.Statutory Auditors’ report on issuance of new shares or other securities granting rights to the share capital reserved for members of a company savings plan



AGM archives

AGM webcast

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