Investing in the group thanks to ADRs

An American Depositary Receipt (ADR) is a security designed to allow US investors to hold shares in non-US companies more easily.

ADRs are quoted in US dollars and trade just like any other US security. ADRs are issued by a depositary bank under instruction from a broker and represent ownership of a company’s underlying ordinary shares. ADRs can be held by retail investors and institutions.

Since delisting from NYSE in July 2008, Air France-KLM has implemented a sponsored Level 1 ADR program that trades on the Over-The-Counter (“OTC”) market in the US. Citibank acts as depositary. One ADR represents 1 ordinary share.

  • Symbol:  AFLYY
  • Exchange: OTC
  • CUSIP: 009119108
  • DR ISIN: US0091191082

Annual General Meeting

ADR holders wishing to attend the Group’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) may do so by informing Air France-KLM or Citibank in writing of their intention to attend within the required timescales.

Citibank, as depositary for Air France-KLM, fixes and publishes a record date for the determination of the ADR holders who are entitled to give instructions for the exercise of voting rights at the Group’s Annual General Meeting.

ADR holders are entitled to vote by proxy, which is then exercised on their behalf by the depositary bank. Votes of the ADR holders are included in the final tabulation.


ADR dividends are paid in US dollars. ADR holders should consult with their tax advisors regarding tax treatment and tax reporting. 

Enquiries, including ADR account management, may be directed to Citibank at the address below:


Citibank Shareholder Services
  P.O. Box 43077
  Providence, Rhode Island 02940-3077

Phone: (toll free) +1-877-CITI-ADR (248-4237)
International dial: +1-781-575-4555
Fax: +1-201-324-3284