Air France-KLM selects 32 start-ups for the Viva Technology trade show

Following the challenge set by the group in March, the Air France-KLM Group has selected 32 start-ups who will be invited to present their project at the Air France-KLM “Future of Travel” Lab at the 2017 Viva Technology event.

The group had invited start-ups from all over the world to work on strategic themes focusing on the travel experience of the future and respond to the problems posed by a constantly changing sector. These subjects are definitely a source of inspiration to project leaders as a total of 310 start-ups proposed solutions in response to the questions posed by the group.

The start-up finalists will present their project at the Air France-KLM “Future of Travel” Lab, an area of 400 sq. m and a real showcase of innovation for the Group, at 2017 Viva Technology, in Paris, Porte de Versailles from 15 to 17 June 2017. They will also have their own special area in the Group’s Lab and the opportunity to meet the brand’s representatives and exchange on open-innovation-related subjects.

After presenting their projects, Air France-KLM will choose one winner per challenge.

Each winner will have the opportunity to work with the Group as part of a collective innovation approach. After studying all the projects submitted, the Air France-KLM Group’s selection committee has chosen the 32 finalists who will be invited to take part in the company’s Lab

Challenge n°1: How can we better anticipate customer needs using big data and machine learning?

  • Nextuser (USA) : Nextuser is a marketing analysis tool used to personalize the customer relationship.
  • Citron (France) : Citron is a chatbot that recommends the best places to go out in Paris.
  • Know Now (UK) : Know Now (UK): Know Now is a sensor-based data acquisition and analysis tool.
  • GuestViews (France) : GuestViews collects, analyses and promotes visitors’ data and opinions in real time.
  • Vchain-Tech (UK) : Vchain-Tech is a secure application that anonymously checks passenger data.
  • FlyMe : Data and prediction for a dedicated customer service.
  • Prognos : Predictive maintenance tool based on aircraft data analysis.
  • Hi from (UK) : Hi from is a customer relations analysis and improvement application tool.

Challenge n°2: How can we use artificial intelligence to improve our customers’ travel experience?

  • Trip Uniq (Spain) : Trip Uniq offers travellers the possibility to contact a local host proposing personalized recommendations at their destination.
  • MyBrain (France) : MyBrain technologies offers neuro-science-based marketing solutions.
  • Ayruu (France and USA) : Ayruu is a community-based app that accompanies the traveller throughout their trip.
  • Metaplanner (Germany) : Metaplanner is a digital calendar that allows users to search door-to-door trips, plan, and organize time slots.
  • Interactive Mobility : In-flight entertainment.
  • LugLoc (USA) : Baggage tracking app on smartphone.
  • Wiidii (France) : Widii is a travel assistant combining artificial intelligence with human personal assistants.

Challenge n°3: How can we use virtual reality to improve our customers’ travel experience?

  • Time Looper (UK) : Time Looper is an app that lets you travel back in time using augmented reality technology.
  • Owlized (USA) : Owlized uses augmented reality technology to offer immersive tools for exploring the most visited destinations on Earth.
  • Look (Belgium) : Look is an app allowing users to connect with one another to share their webcams worldwide.
  • Optima Reality (France) : Optima Reality is a startup excelling in the projection of virtual reality environments and specialized in the creation of immersive experiences.
  • Plattar (Australia) : Plattar is an augmented reality app builder and content management system.
  • My travel assistant by Air France : Voice-assistant and AI tools developed for Air France.
  • AF Botline : Chatbot designed to improve travellers’ experience in case of irregularities.
  • Virtual IT : 3D and virtual reality specialist.

Challenge n°4: How can we improve the experience of Group employees around the world?

  • SmarterTime (France) : SmarterTime is a time management app centralizing all your activities.
  • Briq (France) : Briq is an employee recognition app allowing colleagues to give each other kudos.
  • Flashbrand (USA) : Flashbrand is a real-time employee feedback solution.
  • Duoo (Denmark) : Duuoo is platform that is designed to help managers manage, develop and coach their team via 1-on-1's.
  • Never eat alone (France) : An internal networking app for organizing lunches with colleagues.
  • Teach on mars : Mobile training app using games.
  • Klaxoon : A tool for creating surveys in real-time on mobile devices.
  • Smart Notify : A multi-channel internal communication management and publication tool.
  • Sharegroop : Group payment tool

At its Lab, the Group will also organize several presentations by Air France-KLM representatives and “star entrepreneurs” representing emblematic brands in the digital world who will be present to describe their experience with participants.

Air France-KLM, a partner of open innovation

For several years now, Air France-KLM has been investing in digital tools and open innovation, which are essential tools to accompany the Group’s challenges. With its hackathons and challenges, Air France-KLM has chosen to leave the corporate context and adopt an open innovation approach, focusing more and more on the customer. In this way, the company accompanies about one hundred start-ups every year via its Start Tech Factory programme. Moreover, Air France has been a founding member of Welcome City Lab since 2014, the world’s first French incubator devoted to tourism.