Air France-KLM Group Board of Directors of December 4th, 2020



Following their meeting today, the Air France-KLM Board of Directors has unanimously decided to submit a resolution at the 2021 Annual General Meeting which would extend the age limit of the Chair from 70 to 72 years of age, if the functions of Chair of the Board and CEO are separate, as seen  in many listed companies.

The role and responsibilities of the Chair would remain unchanged and in compliance with the provisions of Air France-KLM's articles of association and internal regulations.

The Board of Directors also resolved that Anne-Marie Couderc would thus retain her role as Chair until the company’s Annual General Meeting approving the financial statements for 2022.

Given the current unprecedented crisis that the Air France-KLM Group is experiencing, the Board of Directors stressed the importance of stabilising the Group’s governance and creating the most favourable conditions possible for Management to focus its efforts on operational management and post-crisis recovery.