Social partnerships

Longstanding partnerships

Air France-KLM has always played an active role in international development through social, humanitarian and nature conservation projects
Air France helps disadvantaged children through its Corporate Foundation. Air France has a partnership with the NGO Acting for Life, which promotes economic development and sustainable tourism.
KLM works with long term partners including its strategic partners UNICEF and WWF-NL, as well as Doctor2Doctor, Wings of Support, Get it Done, and Close the Gap.
KLM has provided strong support to Close the Gap since it was founded. It aims to “bridge the digital divide” by obtaining high quality, used computers from companies and distributing them to local educational, healthcare and entrepreneurial projects in emerging countries.
Air France and KLM support the French and Dutch Aviation Without Borders organizations.

Employee initiatives

Air France and KLM employees are engaged in various volunteer initiatives:

  • The “Friends of Air France Foundation” network gets more than 2,200 employees involved in various voluntary childhood-focused projects in France.
  • Both KLM flight crew and ground staff are actively involved in the work of the Wings of Support foundation. 

Engaging customers

Air France and KLM engage passengers on social and humanitarian programs they support. In their inflight magazines, a monthly article is dedicated to a partner NGO’s project.
Flying Blue passengers can support NGO projects by donating Flying Blue miles