Local development at destination

Stimulating economic development

Operating in all the continents of the world, Air France-KLM promotes regional economic and social development. Value is also created through local sourcing.

Responsible and sustainable tourism

Through its partnerships with a number of NGOs, Air France-KLM supports initiatives for sustainable tourism.
For example, Gawad Kalinga builds homes for the homeless in the Philippines with the help of thousands of volunteers: 2,400 organized communities have been created and an Air France-KLM village consisting of 47 houses has been built.
KLM supports the Sustainable Tourism chair at Wageningen University. The research focused on development in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Local entrepreneurship

Local entrepreneurship drives development and economic growth. The Group builds partnerships to enable local artisans to increase their revenues, and employees share knowledge with local entrepreneurs.
For example, in Ivory Coast, Air France and Chronopost have jointly placed their expertise and logistical capacity at the disposal of local artisans.
KLM works with social enterprise “ShareBusiness”, offering a program in which KLM managers can work in emerging countries (Ethiopia, Kenya and India) for a limited period of time, to share knowledge with local entrepreneurs.

Environmental partners

The forest conservation project in Madagascar (PHCF) is supported by Air France since 2008 and co-funded by AFD, FFEM and Madagascan authorities since 2014.
PHCF aims to contribute to the development of local communities while protecting the unique biodiversity of the island. The project has already reached 34,000 households, 17% of which have adopted alternative agricultural techniques to “slash and burn” (such as beekeeping, poultry, fish farming, cash crops), increasing crop, crop diversification and income.