Health and safety at work

The health and safety of staff in the workplace is a key priority for Air France-KLM, as well as maintaining good quality of life.

Our key issue

Ensuring health and safety at work is a topic with social and financial aspects and a direct impact on business. Therefore, reducing risks, occupational illnesses, and workplace accidents are high priority areas.
Air France obtained OHSAS 18001 certification in 2015.

Risk prevention

To place accident avoidance and a culture of risk prevention at the heart of its business, the Group is taking action in several areas:

  • integrating occupational safety criteria into project management and in the development of ergonomic procedures
  • involving field managers and staff to identify potentially hazardous situations and to encourage preventive action
  • feedback systems to share experience of incidents and best practices
  • building awareness and providing information on occupational health risks and their prevention
  • maintaining skills by offering risk prevention training, updated on a regular basis to keep pace with changes in regulations and tools available, as well as taking into account change and the emergence of new risks.

Quality of life in the workplace

The Group pays particular attention to quality of life in the workplace.
At Air France, a new agreement aims to ensure improvements to organization, working conditions, quality of life in the workplace, risk prevention and to physically demanding jobs. The agreement builds upon initiatives already in place and sets out a new package of measures:

  • support for members of staff facing personal difficulties
  • roll-out of management practices to promote quality workplace relationships
  • development of ergonomic approaches during the design of projects
  • expansion of new working methods, such as home-working.

Various initiatives help employees with their work-life balance, which also improves performance.