Internal control

Internal control

Internal control for the Group as a whole is based on 4 corporate guidelines:

The Corporate Project on information provided to the public

This working group, set up by Air France, and coordinated with KLM, analyzes the efficiency of internal control procedures within the Group and ensures compliance with new French and American regulations.

The Charter on the External Audit

These guidelines for approval and supervision of audit services are aimed at ensuring the independence of the auditors and list the audit services which are authorized or prohibited.

The Professional Code of Ethics

This code, which applies to the entire Group, describes the conditions under which share transactions (acquisition and sale of shares, for example) may be performed and the obligations they imply in terms of confidentiality and protection against conflicts of interest.

The Financial Code of Ethics

This code defines the rules of conduct that apply to the company's principal managers with respect to financial communication and information.


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