Group social policy

Meeting economic challenges

The Corporate Social Responsibility Statement and the Social Rights and Ethics Charter form the foundation of the Group’s commitments by reaffirming the values and fundamental rights that guide its social and ethical policy.
Within a context of the on-going turnaround and return to profitability, Air France and KLM are committed to maintaining high-quality workplace dialogue. This workplace dialogue is transformed into a series of strategic plans by 2020, which are rolled-out across individual divisions and take into account market realities.

Training and mobility

Air France-KLM maintained a high level of access to training.
Mobility enables employees to grow professionally. Priority areas for training are:

  1. supporting the Group’s transformation projects
  2. meeting regulatory requirements, particularly in the field of safety
  3. providing support for mobility and retraining
  4. developing the skills of employee to improve their employability
  5. supporting employee career progression

Young professional and intern development

As part of the Internship Charter, Air France is continuing to fulfill its responsibilities towards young people entering the labor market:

  • 1,500 interns welcomed each year
  • Initiatives to support access to employment for apprentices in the local area: Workshops for job seekers, jobs fairs, networking with employers in the Paris-CDG airport employment area.

Although KLM maintained its principle of limited external hiring, in place since 2008, a number of young professionals were welcomed to the company via the Management Trainee and IT Management Program. In addition, the high number of applications for the traineeships and internships illustrates the attractiveness of KLM as an employer.