Shareholder events

The Group regularly takes part, in partnership with the financial press, in information meetings exclusively for individual shareholders. These are an opportunity for the Group to update them on its strategy, results and issues in the airline sector, and to address shareholder concerns. The Group thus attended meetings with shareholders based in Lyon, Metz, Annecy,Toulouse, Clermont-Ferrand and recently Lille.
Site visits are also organized for member of the Shareholders’ Club.

Annual General Meeting, May 16, 2017 at la Grande Arche de La Défense (France)

Meeting in the French regions

  • Lyon: November 28, 2017 with Le Revenu
  • Nice: June 7, 2017 with Les Échos
  • Reims: December 8, 2016 with F2iC

Club members in this region will be sent a personal invitation
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