Annual General Meeting

Combined Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting of May 16, 2017 at l'Espace Grande Arche - La Défense (France).

Documents relating to the Annual Shareholders' Meeting

  1. Registration document 2016 (including the Management Annual Financial Report 2016 and the Management Report 2016)
  2. Notice of Meeting published in the legal newspaper (BALO) on March 24, 2017 (French Version Only)
  3. Convening notice
  4. Report from the Board of directors to the Annual Shareholders' Meeting (proposed resolutions and explanatory statement) 
  5. Information about the board directors whose appointment is proposed to the Annual Shareholders' Meeting 
  6. Principles and criteria for determining, distributing and allocating the fixed, variable and xtraordinary components of the total compensation and benefits of any nature, granted to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (Article L. 225-37-2 of the Code of commerce)   
  7. Authorizations to increase the capital 
  8. Declaration of number of voting rights as at March 24, 2017 
  9. Financial statements 
  10. Consolidated financial statements 
  11. Voting form

Statutory Auditors' reports

1. Statutory auditors' report on the financial statements
2. Statutory auditors' report on the consolidated financial statements
3. Statutory auditors' report on regulated  agreements and commitments
4. Statutory auditors' report prepared in accordance with article L. 225-235 of the French commercial code (Code de commerce) on the report prepared by the Chairmen of the Board of Directors 
5. Statutory auditors' report on the issuance of share and other marketable securities with or without preferential subscription rights
6. Statutory auditors' report on the authorization for the free existing shares allocation 
7. Statutory auditors' report on issuance of new shares or other securities granting rights to the share capital reserved for members of a company savings plan



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