Human rights

As signatories of the United Nations Global Compact, Air France and KLM strive to respect and support human rights and the fight against corruption, and to oppose all forms of child and forced labor.
Based on international standards on fundamental human rights, rights at work and children’s rights, the Group aims to protect its employees, customers, workers in its supply chain and communities:

  • The Social Rights and Ethics Charter affirms the Group’s commitment to foster a climate of trust and mutual respect in the workplace, a safe and healthy work environment and social dialogue.
  • The Sustainable Development for suppliers is based on the social, environmental and ethical Global Compact principles.

Business conduct rules

As a framework for doing business ethically, the Group has several internal rules of conduct:

  • Code of Ethics signed by members of procurement and HR departments
  • Compliance Charter and Financial Code of Ethics within the Board of Directors
  • Air France and KLM Anti-Bribery Manual
  • Air France and KLM Competition Law Compliance Manual

Public positions

Air France and KLM belong to international bodies – such as International Air Transport Association (IATA) or Association of European Airlines (AEA). These bodies represent the air transport sector and advocate its public positions. 
The Group aims to provide governmental representatives with information necessary to understand the issues facing the airline industry. Air France and KLM advocate the effective implementation and application of national, European and international regulations to avoid any competitive distortion.
The Group supports public positions on topics such as the global carbon emissions trading system, the Single European Sky, sustainable biofuels, the competitiveness of European aviation and the consumer rights. These positions are developed in the annual CSR report.