Energy and water

Ambition 2020

20% energy efficiency improvement (baseline 2011)

Improve energy efficiency

Air France-KLM aims to reduce energy consumption, improve energy efficiency and increase the use of sustainable energy for its buildings, offices and warehouses.

Saving water

The most significant water consuming divisions are catering (accounting for about 45% of total water usage), and engineering and maintenance (25%).

Reducing water consumption requires prevention and innovation:

  • Servair has implemented several measures to better control water consumption, such a regular monitoring and by including water efficiency in its workshop processes.
  • KLM Catering Services has reduced the amount of water used for dishwashing though a series of preventive measures including installing water meters and eliminating the least water-efficient machines.

The “Engine Water Wash” method is used to wash engines efficiently.
Air France uses the “EcoShine” method to clean the exterior of aircraft. By using pads, this process uses 100 times less water than the previous system.