Economic value

Air France and KLM contribute to economic and social development, both locally and at the national level, through direct and indirect activities.

Driving the local economy

The hubs at Paris-CDG, Paris-Orly and Amsterdam Schiphol provide highly attractive business environments. With 90% of the Group’s employees based in France and The Netherlands, Air France and KLM contribute significantly to their national economies.

Air France first private sector emplyer in the Paris region
jobs induced by Air France activity in France
KLM third largest private sector employer in the Netherlands

Long term cooperation on major projects

Air France supports projects set to shape the areas around its hubs over the coming twenty years, such as the Grand Roissy project, the Nouveau Grand Paris and the Métropole du Grand Paris. KLM participates in the Dutch government’s SMASH program in The Netherlands.
The Group is involved in policies to achieve an innovative and competitive economy within a sustainable environment.

Air France is a member of local associations:

  • Pays de Roissy association to promote socio-economic development of Paris-CDG area
  • Hubstart Paris Region and Aerotropolis to promote the hub region at an international level, facilitating companies moving to Paris-CDG

KLM is a member of the collaboration « Amsterdam/Schiphol/KLM » (ASK) to promote the international competitiveness of Amsterdam area, improve accessibility, education and sustainability.

Ground transportation

The accessibility of airports is an important factor in the development and attractiveness of the Air France and KLM hubs.
Air France works alongside other large companies based in the local area to take effective joint actions on transport and to support public transport infrastructure projects.