Dialogue with customers

Customer dialogue is key to providing high quality and sustainable products and services.

Customer insight

The “Customer Insight” department conducts research on customer understanding and customer satisfaction:

  • Co-creation: the customer is placed at the center of products and services development
  • Customer analysis: customer feedback is systematically taken into account during the development of new products and services through surveys, inflight trials and focus groups
  • Benchmarking: analysis of the competitive environment through market research and industry-wide studies
  • Monitor customer satisfaction: implementing programs to check if services are delivered according to standards and measure passenger satisfaction

Involving customers in our csr initiatives

The CSR perceptions study is carried out regularly among Flying Blue customers. This study aims at determining which CSR initiatives are considered as a priority for the Group.
The top items quoted were: Investing in a modern fleet, reducing waste, and supporting aviation research and renewable energies, save energy and water.