Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors determines the direction of the Group's activities and ensures their implementation. Its mandate is to work with General Management to ensure smooth company operations in line with the opinions and recommendations of its specialized committees.

The Board of Directors comprises 19 members: 

  • 16 Board directors appointed by the Shareholders’ Meeting, including:
    - 2 directors proposed by the French State and,
    - 2 directors representing the employees shareholders;
  • 1 representative of the employees appointed by the Comité de Groupe Français;
  • 1 representative of the employees appointed by the European Works Council
  • 1 representative of the French State appointed by ministerial order.

The Board of Directors operates in accordance with the governance principles in France as presented in the AFEP-MEDEF Corporate Governance Code in particular, the duration of Board directors' terms of office is four years and the renewal of Board director mandates is staggered to facilitate the smooth renewal of the Board of Directors.

Download the internal regulations of the Board of Directors

Jean-Marc Janaillac , Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Air France-KLM

Born on 26 April 1953, Jean-Marc Janaillac graduated from the HEC Business School and Ecole Nationale d'Administration.

After sitting on the Air France board from 1989 to 1994, he was chairman and CEO of RATP Dev from 2010 to 2012 and Managing Director, Group Development for RATP from 2004 to 2010. 
He has also held senior management positions within the Maeva tourism group (2000-2002) and AOM (1997-2000).

Chairman and CEO of Transdev from 2012 to 2016, he was appointed Chairman and CEO of Air France-KLM* on 4 July 2016.

*Listed company

Maryse Aulagnon , Independent director - Chair of the Audit Committee

Born April 19, 1949, Maryse Aulagnon, Honorary Master of Petitions at the Conseil d’État, is a graduate of the Institut des Sciences Politiques de Paris and of the École Nationale d’Administration and holds a post-graduate degree (DESS) in Economic Sciences. 
Having occupied various positions at the French Embassy in the United States and in a number of Ministerial cabinets (Budget, Industry), Ms. Aulagnon joined the CGE Group (now Alcatel) in 1984 as Director of International Business. She subsequently joined Euris as Chief Executive Officer on its creation in 1987. 
Ms. Aulagnon is Chair of Affine Group SA (office real estate), a company she founded in 1990

Karim Belabbas , Director representing the employees

Born July 28, 1973, Karim Belabbas is graduate of the École Supérieure des Métiers de l’Aéronautique in Montpelier (1998). He holds a university degree in aeronautics from Saint-Denis University (2001). Having been Air Traffic Operations Coordinator with the Aéroport de Paris, Mr. Belabbas joined Air France in November 1999 as an Aircraft Leader. Since 2005, Karim Belabbas has been Support Technician Weight and Balance of CDG HUB Ground Operations.

Leni M. T. Boeren , Independent Director, Member of the Audit Committee

Born on 23 December, 1963, Leni M.T. Boeren holds a Masters degree in Business Management from Erasmus University in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). 

Ms. Boeren began her career in the financial sector at Paribas in1983 before joining Rabobank, where she held various positions through to 1992. She then moved to Robeco as head of the marketing and product management department from 1992 to 1997. She subsequently became a member of the Board of directors of Amsterdam Exchanges N.V. followed, in 2000 to 2005, by her appointment as a member of the Executive Committee of Euronext N.V., the result of the 2000 merger of the Paris (ParisBourse), Brussels (Brussels Exchanges) and Amsterdam (Amsterdam Exchanges) stock exchanges. 
From 2005 to December 2016, Leni Boeren was successively a member, Vice-Chair and Chair of the Management Board of Robeco Groep N.V., an international asset management firm. She was also responsible for Robeco’s subsidiaries in which she held several Board positions. She was also Chair and CEO of Robeco Institutional Asset Management (2014-2016) and a member and chair of the board of DUFAS, the Dutch fund & Asset management association (2009-2016). 
Currently Ms. Boeren is Chair of the Supervisory Board of Transtrend B.V., member of the Supervisory Board of Tata Steel Nederland B.V., member of the Advisory Board of Nederlands Investment Management Forum (NIIMF) and member of the Board of Amsterdam Sinfonietta.

Isabelle Bouillot , Independent director - Member of the Remuneration Committee

Born May 5, 1949, Isabelle Bouillot holds an advanced degree in Public Law and is a graduate of the Institut des Études Politiques de Paris and the École Nationale d’Administration. 
Having occupied various positions in the French Public Administration, among them Economic Advisor to the President of the Republic between 1989 and 1991 and Budget Director at the Ministry of Economy and Finance between 1991 and 1995, Ms. Bouillot was Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of the financial and banking activities at the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations between 1995 and 2000 then Chair of the Management Board of the Investment Bank of the CDC IXIS Group from 2000 to 2003. Since 2006, Ms. Bouillot has been President of China Equity Links (SAS).

Jean-Dominique Comolli , Board director appointed as proposed by the French State Member of the Appointments and Governance Committee and of the Remuneration Committee

Born April 25, 1948, Jean-Dominique Comolli is a graduate of the Institut des Sciences Politiques de Paris and of the École Nationale d’Administration and holds a Masters degree in Economic Sciences. 
He began his career in 1977 as a civil administrator before becoming a technical advisor at the French Ministry of Budget under Laurent Fabius, then a member of Prime Minister Pierre Mauroy’s staff. He occupied various positions within the Ministry of Budget before being appointed Director of Customs in 1989. Between 1993 and 2010, he was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Seita, Vice-Chairman of Altadis until 2005 and Chairman of the Board of Altadis between 2005 and 2010. In September 2010, he was appointed Commissioner for State Holdings, a position he was to occupy until October 2012. Mr. Comolli is currently an Honorary Civil Service Administrator.

Anne-Marie Couderc , Independent Director - Chair of the nomination and governance Committee and member of the Audit Committee

Born February 13, 1950, Anne-Marie Couderc, a graduate in private law, holds a French Professional Lawyer’s Certificate (Certificat
d’Aptitude à la Profession d’Avocat).
Ms. Couderc began her career in 1972 as a lawyer with the Paris Bar. She then became Chief Legal Offcer
in Hachette’s industrial division between 1979 and 1982, before fulfilling different functions within the
Lagardère Group from 1982 to 1995: she was successively Deputy General Secretary, Director of Human
Resources and Communication, then Deputy CEO of the Hachette Filipacchi Associés (Press Division). In
1997, she was named Chief Executive Offcer followed, from 2006 to 2010, Secretary-General of Lagardère
Active (press and audiovisual activities).
Since 2011, she has been President of the Presstalis Group (press distribution).

In parallel, Anne-Marie Couderc has pursued a political career: having been elected to the Paris Council in
1983, until 2001 she successively served as Advisor then Deputy to the Mayor of Paris between 1989 and
2001. Having been elected a Deputy of the French National Assembly in 1993, she subsequently joined
the government in 1995 where she was appointed Secretary of State to the Prime Minister, responsible for
Employment, then Minister for Employment and Social Affairs, responsible for Employment, until 1997.
Ms. Couderc is an Offcer of the Legion of Honor and of the National Order of Merit. 

Jaap de Hoop Scheffer , Independent director - Chairman of the Remuneration Committee

Born April 3, 1948, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, a Dutch national, is a law graduate of Leiden University. 
Mr. de Hoop Scheffer started his diplomatic career in 1976 and became Private Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs (1980-1986). He then became a member of the Dutch Parliament (1986-2002), leader of the Christian Democratic Alliance (CDA) (1997-2001), the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs (2002-2003) and Secretary General of NATO (2004-2009). Since 2012, Mr. de Hoop Scheffer has taught international politics and diplomacy in the Governance and International Affairs Faculty of Leiden University (Netherlands).

Louis Jobard , Board director representing the flight deck crew shareholders - Member of the Audit Committee

Born August 19, 1959, Louis Jobard holds a degree in Economic Sciences and Business Administration from Tours University (1979). Having been, notably, a private pilot instructor and commercial aviation pilot, Mr. Jobard joined Air France in March 1986 as a co-pilot on the B737-200, then on the B747. He became a Flight Captain on the B737-500 in 1995, then on the A310, A340 and A330 until 2007, and on the B747-400 until the withdrawal of this aircraft from the fleet in 2016. Mr. Jobard has since been Flight Captain on the B777.

Solenne Lepage , Board director representing the French State - Member of the Audit Committee

Born February 7, 1972, Solenne Lepage holds a philosophy degree and a Diploma of Advanced Studies in history, and is a graduate of the École Nationale des Chartes, the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris and the École Nationale d’Administration. 
Having begun her career in 2002 within the Ministry of the Economy and Finance as a deputy civil administrator reporting to the heads of various offices (Public Banks, Energy, Chemicals, European Coordination and Strategy), between 2006 and 2009 she was Customer Relations Manager for Large Companies in the banking and insurance sector at HSBC France. 
In 2009, she became Head of the EDF and Other Shareholdings office in the Agency for State Shareholdings. Appointed Deputy Director, “Transport and Audiovisual” at the Agency for State Shareholdings, Ms. Lepage has been Director of Transportation Shareholdings at the Agency for State Shareholdings since October 2012.

Isabelle Parize , Independent director - Member of the Remuneration Committee

Born June 16, 1957, Isabelle Parize is a graduate of the École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris. 
Having occupied various positions within Procter & Gamble between 1980 and 1993 including notably that of Marketing Manager, Health and Beauty Care, Ms. Parize joined Henkel Group in 1994. She was Managing Director of Schwarzkopf, Henkel France, from 1994 to 1998, then Senior Vice-President in charge of Europe, the Middle East and Africa and of strategic marketing (based in Germany) from 1998 to 2001. She subsequently became Managing Director of Canal+ Distribution and Chief Executive Officer of CanalSatellite in 2001. She then became President of the Fragrance division at Quest International (2005-07) and Managing Director then Vice-Chair of the company Betclic (2007-11). Isabelle Parize has been Chief Executive Officer of Nocibé since 2011.

François Robardet , Board director representing the ground staff and cabin crew shareholders - Member of the Audit and Remuneration Committees

Born November 9, 1957, François Robardet is a graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers. He began his career in 1983 with the Compagnie Générale d’Informatique as a consulting engineer on management information systems. He joined Air Inter in 1993, then Air France in 1997, as IT project manager. Since 2005, he is staff representative in the work council. He is member of the Strategic Watchdog Committee since its creation in 2009.

Hans Smits , Director - Member of the remuneration Committee

Born March 13, 1950, Hans Smits holds a degree in civil engineering from the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands
(1968-1973) and an M.A. in business administration from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (1973-75).
Mr. Smits began his career in the Delta Department of the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water
Management where, from 1975 to 1986, he occupied a number of management positions: he was successively
appointed Head of the Policy Analysis Department in 1975, Head of the Policy Department in 1978, Head of the
Hydraulic Department of the Delta Service in Zierikzee in 1980 and Head of the Business Economic Affairs
department and a member of the Management Team in 1983. From 1985 to 1986 he served as Project Director
for drafting of the White Paper on the privatization of the Dutch PTT. In 1986 he joined the Ministry of Economic
Affairs as Vice Director-General for Services, Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and Planning. From 1988 to
1992, he continued his career within the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management as Director-
General for Transport then Secretary-General before being appointed President and Chief Executive Offcer of
Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport (1992-98).
Between 1998 and 2002, he was Vice-Chairman then Chairman of the Rabobank Nederland Board of
Directors. In 2003-04, he was a director of Arthur D. Little Benelux then, from 2005 to 2014, he was President
and CEO of Havenbedrijf Rotterdam NV (“Port of Rotterdam Authority”), having held this position on an
interim basis from September 1, 2004 until December 31, 2004.
Since 2014, Mr. Smits has been President and Chief Executive Offcer of Janssen de Jong Groep.

Bing Tang , Director

Born on February 8, 1967, Bing Tang is an engineer by training and graduated from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics majoring in electrical technology. He obtained a doctoral degree in national economics from the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Bing Tang has pursued his career in the civil aviation industry where he served as Executive Vice President of MTU Maintenance Zhuhai Co., Limited, Chief of Administrative Office of China Southern Air Holding Company and President of Chongqing Airlines Company Limited. He has occupied various managerial positions within China Southern until 2009, as well as within Shanghai Airlines where he has been appointed as Chairman since January 2012 and with China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited where he has been a Director of the Board since June 2012. He has also been Vice President of China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited since February 2010. He was appointed as senior executive of China Eastern Air Holding Company in May 2011. Beginning December 2016, he has been serving as the Vice-President of China Eastern Air Holding Company.

Patrick Vieu , Board director appointed as proposed by the French State

Born December 2, 1964, Patrick Vieu holds a history degree and a doctorate in philosophy, having graduated from the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris and the École Nationale d’Administration. 
Mr. Vieu began his career in 1993 at the French Transport Ministry where he occupied, notably, the functions of Deputy Director of motorway and infrastructure concessions (1999-2004). He served as Director of Rail and Public Transport (2005-2008) then Director of Transport Services (2008-2011) at the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing. In summer 2011, he became Project Director reporting to the Vice-President of the General Council for the Environment and Sustainable Development before being appointed “Environment and Territories” Advisor responsible for advising the French President on transport and sustainability issues in 2012. Since June 2014, he has been Advisor to the Vice-President of the General Council for the Environment and Sustainable Development.

Anne-Marie Idrac , independent director

Born on July 27, 1951, Anne-Marie Idrac graduated from the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Institut d’Études Politiques), the National School of Administration (École Nationale d’Administration) and the Institute of Higher Learning in National Defense (Institut des Hautes Etudes de Défense Nationale). 

She was chief executive office at the Public Development Agency of Cergy-Pontoise, director of land transportation at the Ministry of Equipment and Transport and subsequently Secretary of State for Transport. She occupied the positions of Chair and CEO of the RATP (Paris Public Transport Authority) from 2002 to 2006, and Chair and CEO of the SNCF (French State Railways) from 2006 to 2008. She was a Member of Parliament from 1997 to 2002, and Secretary of State for Foreign Trade from 2008 to 2010.

Anne-Marie Idrac is currently board director of Saint-Gobain, Bouygues and Total. She is also Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Aéroport de Toulouse Blagnac since 2015 (this function will expire in May 2018). Finally, Anne-Marie Idrac is officer of the French Legion of Honor and commander of the national order of Merit. 

Alexander R. Wynaendts , Independent Director - Member of the nomination and governance Committee

Born August 1st, 1960 and having studied in France, Alexander Wynaendts holds a degree from Supélec (1984) and an economics
degree from Université Paris-Sorbonne (1983). He has more than 30 years’ experience of international
finance and insurance.
Mr. Wynaendts began his career with ABN AMRO in 1984, working in the private banking and investment
banking operations in both Amsterdam and London. Between 1992 and 1997, he held various positions at
ABN AMRO in London, including in equity capital markets and corporate finance. In 1997, he joined Aegon as
Senior Vice-President, Group Business Development where he established and expanded Aegon’s presence
in new Asian markets like China, India and Japan, as well as in Central and Eastern European region. He
joined Aegon’s Executive Board in 2003 and was appointed Aegon’s Chief Operating Offcer in 2007.
Following his appointment as Chief Executive Offcer and Chairman of the executive Board in 2008,
he led the Company through the financial crisis. He has subsequently redefined Aegon’s strategy, putting
its purpose of helping people to take responsibility for their financial future at the heart of the business.
Since April 23, 2008, he has been CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Aegon NV.

Mathi Bouts , Director representing employees

Born on June 29, 1959, Mathi Bouts has a bachelor in mathematics and philosophy from the Catholic University of Nijmegen (The Netherlands). 

He joined KLM in 1987 as steward. He previously occupied the positions of Chairman of KLM’s Works Council (where he was, in particular, member of the Financial Economic Committee) and Vice-Chairman of the Air France-KLM European Works Council until 2010. Since 2011, he has been Chairman of the Dutch foundation MNO (Stichting MultiNationale Ondernemingsradenoverleg), a network of works councils of multinationals. Mathi Bouts has been a senior purser on KLM long-haul flights since 2017.

George Mattson , Permanent representative of Delta Air Lines Inc., director

Born on March 23, 1966, George Mattson is the permanent representative at the Air France-KLM’s Board of Directors of Delta Air Lines Inc., a corporation formed under the laws of the State of Delaware having its registered office sis Delta Boulevard, Atlanta, GA USA 30354.

George Mattson is a retired partner at Goldman Sachs & Co where he had a distinguished 19-year career. He has extensive experience in M&A, corporate finance and the capital markets. During this period, he also acquired extensive knowledge of the airline sector.

He is now a private investor focused on acquiring and growing private industrial companies. George Mattson has been a member of Delta’s Board of Directors since 2012, where he chairs the Finance Committee and sits on the Personnel & Compensation and Corporate Governance Committees.