Air quality

Aviation has an impact on the air quality in areas surrounding airports.

The majority of gases emitted are produced by aircraft movements (taxiing, takeoff and landing). The remainder is produced by ground activities, including logistics and road access to the airport for passengers, employees and suppliers. Air quality is measured at Amsterdam Schiphol and Paris airports.

Air France-KLM reduces the local emissions of its activities in three ways:

  1. A recent aircraft fleet, more energy and fuel efficient
  2. Electric vehicles and ground handling equipment environmentally friendly: almost half of the 1 000 items of ground support equipment used at Paris-CDG is electric
  3. Operational procedures to optimize ground operations: taxiing time, single-engine taxiing, using Ground Power Units (GPU) to power aircraft rather than using kerosene-powered Auxiliary Power Units (APU)

Air France implemented its Employee Business Travel Plan: it aims to reduce emissions caused by commuting through measures to promote public transport use, by creating open shared offices, and by setting up a car pooling website.